Being tall

I'm 6'2. The boots I wear make me around 6'4. Some people think I'm 6'5 or 6'6 or something because heights are so inflated nowadays, I assume because of all those "5'11" guys on Tinder. Of course the benefits of being tall are well documented. It enhances my attractiveness for example, but these are the downsides:

  • I won't fit if a bed has one of those wooden panel thingys at the end, so either my neck or my feet are going to be very umcomfortable if I end up having to sleep in a bed like that for a few nights.

  • People are really intimidated when they walk by me at night. "That's just you, not your height!" Well no, pretty girls usually smile or seductively stare at me when I walk around during the daytime.

  • Car rides and whatnot can be especially uncomfortable.

  • That's all I can think of. There aren't really any downsides.

  • The intimidation effect works better when you crawl on all fours with foam spewing from your mouth while you talk backwards in ancient Greek.