Jordan Peterson believes multi-intelligence theory is wrong and that EQ does not exist. I think this is a perfect demonstration of how multi-intelligence theory is correct. Jordan Peterson is good at the cognitive skills necessary to have good knowledge of psychology and to be a researcher and professor in that field, but he lacks the proper mental skills to do a variety of other things... For example, not figuring out multi-intelligence theory is correct, not seeing it right in front of his eyes. I also suspect know his EQ is low and he denies the existence of it altogether since he does not want to admit there are areas of cognition he is bad at.

There is the classic phrase of intelligence and wisdom not being the same. This can definitely be seen in a variety of people. You could have someone with passable intelligence and high wisdom like Eckhart Tolle (I'd say a lot of New Age enlightenment teachers would match this characterization, since their ideas maybe are not always the best but they are good-hearted and bring happiness to a lot of people), someone with high intelligence and low wisdom like Nick Land, or someone who's high in both areas and also just high in general like Terence McKenna. Then there are the double-negative people like religious fundamentalists and worse.

It is not fair to judge the quality of a person solely on specific unholistic measurements of intelligence. If you did that, you would end up believing the person with the highest IQ like Chris Langan or someone with world-known chess skill like Fischer or someone with good academic credentials like Jordan Peterson to necessarily be a smart or cogitatively adequate person. When in reality, Langan is too fascist, Fischer was too arrogant since he had nothing to back it up except one puzzly board game, and I forgot who the third person was. And C.S. Lewis could write a good book (allegedly good, never read) even if he was a Christian. So obviously there are different skillsets that are developed to disparate levels.

Ken Wilber, in his philosophical fixation on integrating all things into a single comprehensive framework, has spoken about intelligence before and specifically integrating all forms of intelligence into a list one can use to give attention to a variety of skillsets so that one does not leave anything out when showing how multi-intelligence theory is true.

High IQ can be great, but without creativity, a desire to think for oneself, and a metaphorical self-painting beautification of the self, IQ is not very very important.

Thinking unholistically and assuming something as simple and non-encompassing of one's life as IQ is a means of determining importance is ridiculous. The truth is more complex. The same way the simple mechanics of an engine dictate that energy just burns and pushes the machine, when in reality, there are more complex structural components like different tunnels for the gas to flow efficiently, coolant, possibly an injector plate so the fuel goes in a proper mathematically physically sound movement, etc. There are also different types of engines for different purposes. A Tesla spaceship engine is not going to be the same as a Tesla car engine or a train coal engine. This ties in with how there are multiple intelligences that can be fostered and used in different ways with differing people.

Nick Land is the only fascist I know that I consider to be intellectually stimulating. Shapiro's "fax dont care about za feelin" just comes across as fake from him because he is just a whiny and emotionally immature neocon that doesn't like that you can't harass queeny boys anymore. Land takes that sort of philosophy seriously as a hardcore cosmicist, and he is smart enough to know his fascism only exists because of hatred toward humanity, rather than being based on the idiotic idea right-wing politics is actually beneficial.

DJ Trump has low intelligence and low wisdom. DJ Trump is low intelligence and low wisdom. I have so money things that he doesn't have: taller height, more attractiveness, higher IQ, humility. But what does he have that I don't have? HE HAS MONEY GODDAMMIT.

William S. Burroughs was high intelligence. He was not high wisdom in the conventional sense because he was a hardcore heroin addict and killed his wife and blamed it on demonic possession. He also had visions as a child and liked to scry, and the cut-up technique is a form of apophenia. So if he was not 100% schizophrenic, he had that pseudo-psychosis or what is ingenuity and psychosis blurring lines, something a lot of intelligent people have because they have a perspective the society just can't understand in current time.

But back to Burroughs specifically. Despite not being conventionally high in wisdom, he was high on some sort of wisdom. The story of fighting the horrible conditioning and oppression of the forces of Control for infinite eons is a good story. Control is something that must be destroyed when the time is right. He was on to something. In tribal times, the shaman; who was the wisest, smartest, most knowledgeable about plants/animals/medicines, and most psychically gifted; was responsible for protecting the tribe from evil spirits. Burroughs sought out a modern day shaman to rid him of the evil spirit of America.

With all the multitudes of blatant examples that could be perceived, obviously reality is more complicated than a little IQ test. This whole topic's solution should be obvious. But reality is often deceptive to certain people...

Part of Nietzsche's philosophy was an anti-egalitarianism where he visualized how the most powerful and intelligent could impose their values, and there is something intriguing about elitism. In my case, elitism is lashing out at people like fascists. But these concepts should not be misinterpreted and rendered into an ironic stupidity.

Inform yourself. What does inform yourself mean? It means transcend and mistrust ideology. Go for direct experience.

What do YOU think when YOU face the waterfall? What do YOU think when YOU have sex? What do YOU think when YOU take


Everything else is unconfirmable rumor, useless, probably lies. So, liberate yourself from the illusion of culture. Take responsibility

for what you think and what you do."

--Terence McKenna