Environment Collapsing, Capitalism = Ecocide, Occult Eschatology

In a previous post, the Musk one, I mentioned how I and others share the intuition that something big is coming. It's not artificial intelligence, another pandemic, or extraterrestrial contact. And the pandemic we had already is just a warmup to get us ready, or you could say it's foreplay because the human race is fucked.

My fear is that climate change is going to be a lot worse than people believe, unless of course it is stopped in time. But capitalism, which is a poison and oppressive toward any forms of non-imbecility, is responsible for it through its industries and fostered human attitudes of objectifying nature. Something massive is going to happen, and it won't be good. Due to humans' having a disconnect from any sort of environmentalist romanticism, we are very likely to die. If we don't avoid further violence with nature.

I love the nice concept of a poetic nature's revenge, of a sentient anthropomorphic mystical Gaia female archetype we could choose to have faith in being filled with toxins and pain and misery only to bring that back down on humanity, causing apocalypse and for humans to possibly learn a lesson. The shimmery wavy blue seas and the forests and beaches will restore to a natural state of beauty by eradicating the pest. The rightness of the immune system put into place with vines growing back where humans once cut them.

But I think it's much darker than that. My fear is of everybody, all your family and friends regardless of morality, dying a slow painful death because the land has been browned due to scorching sunlight, farms are unusable, marine ecosystems are dead, political instability from climate refugees trying to escape the most barren areas, and worsening storms. I know this is an irrational fear since the capitalists would invest in cleaner energies once the effects of climate change get more serious, but I know in my heart humanity is capable of this. Self-genocide of the whole species. I think that capability should be the takeaway from this topic, if not the beauty of ecosystems and femininity embodied in them. Or the cold oceans and hot sands whispering messages. Inward-looking emotions and pure existential joy really.